Say It With Custom Wristbands

We all love to feel like we belong. That’s why Handband offers custom wristbands for all occasions and purposes, so you can identify yourself as being part of something. It might be supporting a charity, doing well at school, or as a memento of an event.

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Wristbands first came to prominence in the mid-2000’s. Many celebrities and sports stars made them popular and the rest of us quickly followed suit. Wristbands were a popular way of letting others know which causes we supported. Today, they have become widely used for a whole variety of reasons. These can include charity promotions, crowd identification and security at events, and even learning. They are a great way of spreading your message. Wristbands are easily identifiable. Your message will be getting through to everyone who sees one worn by someone else. Anyone who doesn’t already know what they’re about will quickly want to find out. After all, nobody wants to be the last to know when it comes to fashion!

Custom Wristbands for Your Brand

Handband recognises the need for wristbands you can personalise. This is why we offer a custom service. Our wristbands can easily be personalised with your own logo or message. They are available in an extensive variety of mix-and-match colours. This way we can get them as close to the colours of your own branding as possible.

Custom Wristbands for Charities

Charity custom wristbands have been a popular fundraising tool since 2004, when American charity Livestrong first began selling them to supporters. Since then, they have been adopted by a great many other charities. In 2015, Cancer Research UK raised £670,000 from selling silicone wristbands for World Cancer Day. As a result, several different UK cancer charities have now decided to partner up to sell wristbands. This is a great means of raising money to help sufferers from a variety of cancers. Sales of the resulting Unity Band have raised over £1 million for cancer sufferers so far.

Selling wristbands is an effective means of fundraising. They’re cheap to buy, and they make people proud to be supporting a cause. Also, as they quickly become a fashion accessory, more and more people will want them. As a result, they will donate to your charity just to get a wristband.

Handband can produce custom wristbands of all different variates - silicone, fabric or tyvek! They will make your charity supporters instantly identifiable.

Custom Wristbands for Schools

Schools often need a quick and easy way of identifying students. This matters especially on class trips or at after-school programs. Wristbands can help to prevent children from getting lost, especially if they’re personalised. This can easily be done by adding the name or crest of your school. They can also be a badge of honour for the school sports teams.

In addition, wristbands can be an effective means of helping children to learn. Handband’s Multibandz are sets of wristbands designed to teach children multiplication and division. Children see them all day round their wrists. They work the same as regular repetition but without the boredom. Children are absorbing the calculations without even realising it!

Handband’s silicone wristbands are ideal for schools. They are made of durable silicone that won’t catch or break. They are also soft and pliable, so they won’t hurt if a child falls over.

Custom Wristbands for Events

Nobody wants gatecrashers at their event or party. A wristband is an easy means of identification and crowd control. This can help to ensure that your event won’t get out of hand. Your guests will also love to keep them as souvenirs of the night! If you have your own event-planning business, providing wristbands at all your events can also be a great promotional tool. People are likely to keep the wristbands, so they will already have your name and phone number. This means you will be the first person they call if they are planning an event of their own.

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Handband’s silicone and tyvek wristbands can be personalised to suit any occasion. A variety of generic designs are already available at short notice. The colours stay fresh for months and they are easy to transport in large quantities. They are a highly cost-effective means of identification and promotion.

For further details of how Handband’s wristbands could benefit you, please get in touch on 1-300-368-980. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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