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Wristbands to control Rowdy Schoolies

Ten students have been kicked off Rottnest just days before official leavers celebrations begin as police prepare for more than 4000 teenagers to hit the holiday island.

Rottnest officer-in-charge Sgt Paul van Noort said visitors could expect to be evicted for any drunken or disorderly behaviour.Four 17-year-old school leavers face charges after police and rangers caught the group speeding in a small runabout boat near the island’s swimming beaches. Police allegedly discovered two undersized rock lobsters during a search of the youths’ main boat, which they had been living on.

Rangers had previously been called to the boat after other visitors complained of noisy parties being held on board at night.

Another four students who were expected to stay with the group on the boat were forced to cancel their plans after the youths were evicted from the island.

Six university students were also banned from their accommodation after neighbours complained repeatedly of loud parties and noisy behaviour.

“There is a pattern there of overindulgence and overstepping the mark, which is a result of too much alcohol, lack of life experience and poor judgment,” Sgt Van Noort said. “We are not putting up with it.”

Assistant Commissioner Graeme Lienert said police expected up to 6500 school leavers to descend on the traditional South-West hotspots at Dunsborough, Busselton and Margaret River, with most expected to leave Perth today.

Police sniffer dogs would be used to detect illegal drugs during the festivities and leavers at Dunsborough and Busselton were encouraged to wear special wristbands which would give them access to leavers-only entertainment areas, free courtesy bus services and discounts from local businesses.

The wristbands would be sold for $30 at accommodation venues or vans near the Dunsborough Visitors Centre to leavers.

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