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  • Introducing Multibandz. Succeed in Maths AND have Fun!

    It’s never been easy getting kids to learn their multiplication and division tables, until multibandz.

    It wasn’t easy when we were kids. There were outdoor activities and other things vying for our attention. While there were far fewer television options then, the TV was still there to distract us.

    Today it’s even tougher to get kids to focus on their studies when they are out of the classroom, with smartphones, tablets, and television all stealing kids' attention.

    Not only has it not been easy, but it was also usually drudgery, too. In the old days, it was tables written on a chalkboard, flash cards, and rote memorisation from reciting them in class. It was similar to a trip to the dentist – a lot of teeth pulling – and almost as much fun.

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  • Fabric & Tyvek Wristbands Make Your Event Fun and Colourful

    tyvek wristbands, music festival, summerWho would have thought that a simple fabric or tyvek wristband could provide so much to an event? These simple but versatile accessories make running your event easy, while also helping to establish a solid brand identity for your organisation. Oh, and they look great as well!

    Read on to find out more about why your event needs Handband's fabric and tyvek wristbands.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Show Support for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

    lgbt, workplace equality, marriage equality, awarenessThe International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (The International Day) will again be celebrated on May 17 this year. This "worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversities" coordinates global events that raise awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual (LGBTIQA+) rights all over the planet.

    The International Day was first observed in 2004. May 17 was selected to commemorate the date in 1990 that the World Health Organization decided to no longer classify homosexuality as a mental disorder.

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  • Wristbands for Encouraging Sports Day and Exercise

    wristband sports day educationKids today have more and more reasons to stay indoors, so it is not surprising that a quarter of our kids aged 5-17 are overweight or even obese.

    Sports days are a great way to get kids engaged and active. Kids are a little too young to worry about the benefits of being active, they just know that once they are outside it’s fun. It’s important that adults focus on how much fun being active can be. Encouraging a culture of exercise will have long-term benefits for our kids and our country and it’s important we get kids out of the house and out on field at an early age.

    Here are some ways parents, schools and teams can prepare for sports day!

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  • How Wristbands Can Make Your School Event or Fundraiser Really Shine

    Handband has continued to provide high quality wristbands to schools for over ten years. Since 2004, schools have enthusiastically chosen us as a direct source for a variety of school and education-related purposes. We’ve had schools use wristbands for all of the following (and more):

    • Fundraising Tools
    • Awareness Initiatives
    • Attention-Grabbing Accessories for School Events
    • Participation/Motivation/Reward Tokens for Students

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