Introducing Multibandz

It’s never been easy getting kids to learn their multiplication and division tables.

It wasn’t easy when we were kids. There were outdoor activities and other things vying for our attention. While there were far fewer television options then, the TV was still there to distract us.

Today it’s even tougher to get kids to focus on their studies when they are out of the classroom, with smartphones, tablets, and television all stealing kids' attention.

Not only has it not been easy, but it was also usually drudgery, too. In the old days, it was tables written on a chalkboard, flash cards, and rote memorisation from reciting them in class. It was similar to a trip to the dentist – a lot of teeth pulling – and almost as much fun.

Multibandz To The Rescue

Multibandz, silicon wristbands, time tables

Now, in the second decade of the 21st-century, we've caught on to the fact that students are better learners when they are having a good time. Kids can enjoy learning math with Multibandz, which serve as a fun, unique tool for helping kids to study and practice their multiplication and division tables.

Multibandz are silicon wristbands with multiplication and division tables written on them. They are stylishly colourful and thin. They glow in the dark, too, making them the perfect accessory for kids and the perfect way for parents and educators to make learning enjoyable.

Good Math Skills Never Go Out Of Style

Math and technology education has changed over the years. We’ve gone from counting on our fingers to the abacus to the slide rule to the calculator to the smartphone, but every generation has needed a satisfactory grounding in math basics in order to thrive. This could mean everything from instant calculations on the job to figuring a gratuity or the amount of a discount in a store.

Today’s kids are at the forefront of tomorrow’s technology and will be expected to have the skills required to move Australia forward. Part of facilitating that is ensuring that they are thoroughly grounded in math. This starts at a young age and will be easier to accomplish if kids associate math with being fun.

Math Skills In The News

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighted recent test scores in NSW and thegovernment’s attempts to improve them.

There is room for improvement. Figures cited by the article show NSW students who are starting testing are up to eight mean points behMultibandz, silicon wristbands, math time tablesind students in Victoria and ACT. Similarly, the number of NSW students sitting without mathematics for their HSC has risen from five percent in 2003 to 15 percent in 2014.

Internationally, Australia sits behind Vietnam, Poland, and Estonia on math in the latest round of the PISA tests.

Government plans call for giving teachers who are currently generalists to become STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) specialists, increasing their ability to teach our youngsters the math skills they’ll need.

We applaud this as much as you do, but we all know our public schools will always face challenges. As parents and educators, we can help by doing all we can to put our kids in a position to succeed. Part of that is ensuring learning is fun and not a chore.

Multibandz To The Rescue!

That’s where Multibandz comes in.

Multibandz are not only a fun, easy, and practical way for kids to learn multiplication and division tables, but they're also fashionable and informative, too. Your kids will not only wear them; they’ll love collecting them, trading them and, of course, wearing them. Before you know it, kids will have mastered their multiplication and division.

It will have never felt like work, either, because Multibandz show kids at a young age that math is fun. Making kids comfortable with math creates the foundation for a lifetime of fun and familiarity with numbers.

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