Help Kids Remember Their Math into the New Year with Multibandz

multibandz make learning maths funThe New Year is already here! The holidays are a great time for family and friends. But don’t forget that learning is still important! Kids going on holiday need to remember everything they've learnt before leaving school and carry on practising. This holds especially true when it comes to multiplication and division. Fortunately, Handband has a solution that makes remembering easy and fun. Their line of Multibandz are fast and easy ways for your kids to learn and remember these math skills.

Math Learning on the Go

The main areas of maths learning come down to two very important aspects:

  1. Times Tables
  2. Division

Getting your child to learn and remember these equations sets a framework for all future math studies. That’s why it’s so important to reinforce these concepts!

Most children don’t want to pull out their books during a holiday vacation. Instead, why not connect them to their learning with the help of Multibandz?

Multibandz Times Table and Dividerz Wristbands give your child an on-the-go learning tool. Children love to wear bracelets as a fun fashion accessory. Now they can have both style and function to make them eager to learn and practise.

These wristbands give your children an easy and fun learning tool. That way, they won’t even think they’re learning while practising their division and multiplication.

All the Tables for Learning and Remembering

multibandz make learning maths funPart of the challenge in learning times tables and division is all the different numbers all at once. It can seem scary to a child to see all the tables in one place. And that may stop them from wanting to keep learning when they’re away from school.

This is where Multibandz can help. Each band gives you one table of either multiplication or division. That way, your child can learn one number table at a time. And they can wear that band and practise as they go.

Why Multibandz Work!

There are plenty of great reasons why Multibandz are a perfect choice for you:

  • Fun and Easy for Kids: Kids love wearing Handband’s colourful and stylish bands. This makes it even easier to encourage learning during time off from school.
  • Convenient to Wear: These thin style bands are quick to get on and off for fast switching. And because they are thinner, kids can wear more than one at a time!
  • High Quality Material: Each Handband is made from high quality silicone which is both sturdy and durable. They’re kid-tested and are built to last.
  • Glow in the Dark Rewards: The 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 wristbands also feature glow in the dark material! This makes these Multibandz even more fun for kids. And it gives them an awesome reward to look forward to as they learn the lower numbers and then they can progress.
  • Silver and Gold for Top Numbers: After the glow in the dark, the 11 and 12 tables are also silver and gold. Encourage your child to work all the way up to the silver and gold levels for an even better sense of accomplishment.

Handband packages all 12 wristbands together in one convenient package. That way, you’ll have all the learning material you need to teach and encourage your children.

Making Learning Even Easier

When your children are wearing and enjoying Times Table and Dividerz Multibandz, they’re reinforcing their learning. This is especially helpful as we all enjoy time off during the holidays. Kids can review and remember each band until they have them fully memorised. They can even show other children for an exciting group learning activity.

Why not make the holidays and the New Year count even more with these high quality wristbands? To order your own Multibandz or Dividerz, please visit the Times Table Multibandz and Dividerz Multibandz pages today.

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