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1. The end of the world as we know it… but not yet: Boston University archaeologists have discovered an ancient Mayan mural that points to the fact the Mayans saw life continuing long after 2012.  The mural is in the workroom of a Mayan professional scribe and various items talk about possible events long after 2012. The world will end, just not in 2012. Unless Greece does something…

2. One for the Trekkies… we, apparently, have the technology required to build the first Star Trek Enterprise by 2032. We have to build it in  space, it’ll be approximately 500 metres wide and look much like the original Enterprise. It could travel to the moon in 3 days and Mars in ninety, says this site with all the engineering drawings and details at hand. Be patient, the massive interest is crashing the site.

3. From the ‘get a life’ catalogue. A scientist at the University of Queensland is continuing an experiment first started in 1927 with a result every couple of years. The experiment, to prove solid pitch is the least viscous fluid on the planet, involves measuring how long it takes the pitch to drip from one glass funnel into another. Since 1927 there have been 8 drips. The latest physics professor to take over the experiment has missed the five drips under his watch.

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