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Design & buy wristbands & lanyards for any event

We provide what they call a 'sticky' product. This means that the silicone promotional products we supply allows your message to remain visible for as long as someone uses or wears them. Want people to remember your phone number, or your website URL? A variety of useful promotional products made of hard-wearing, hypo-allergenic silicone is your answer.


Marketing for any business is a tough and expensive game. You want your message around for as long as possible, and the ideal way to keep your name, logo and a message around for that long a time is to use our silicone promotional products. We have a huge range of not just wristbands, but fun exciting promotional items too. Promotional products that are useful, quirky, or just plain fun are suitable and appreciated by people of all ages. 


The bonus to you, the marketer, is that your business branding is made simple with these silicone promotional products. They stay around, people love them and you can look very different in the marketplace because of the massive range of choices we provide from which you can choose from.


Want to personalize your promotional products? Have a look at our range of wristbands and promotional products that are available for customization. A personalized wristband or promotional item can make all the difference when promoting your brand. Stand out from the crowd with Handband.


Contact Handband for ideas for your branding solutions, and information on our promotional products, wristbands and product customization.


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  1. custom silicone wristbands

    Custom Vape Bands


  2. Binder band

    Silicone Binder Band

    Starting at: £1.09

  3. custom lunch box

    custom lunch box


  4. Gogo watch time clock digital go go silicone handband hand band bands personalised business custom

    Gogo Watch


  5. handband handbands hand band bands lanyard lanyards custom design create make your own business marketing event id identification card holder logo marketing



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